4 Cars to target on this 4th of July

06/30/2017 00:31:35
4 Cars to target on this 4th of July
You might have already planned your Fourth of July weekend, but before that head over to RepoKar.com ans see which are the best cars to target for savings

You might have already planned your Fourth of July weekend, but before that head over to RepoKar.com, for amazing car deals. Shop for your favorite all-American cars or choose one of our international vehicles for sale. If it’s still hard to decide on which vehicle to buy, see our list of best cars to target for savings:

Chevrolet Sonic



There are a few factors make the Chevy Sonic a good value right now. For one, its sales total so far this year is 44.9 percent lower than it was in the same period last year. Plus, in the last 12 months, transaction prices for General Motors vehicles have fallen 1.8 percent, which is the largest drop for any automaker in that timespan. The industry as a whole has experienced 2.6 percent price inflation in that period. So if the door is this widely open, why not use it?

Kia Sportage



The Sportage is the fourth slowest-selling model in the compact SUV segment in 2017; sales have dipped 16.6 percent relative to the same period in 2016. Last month was particularly bad, with Sportage sales down 18.3 percent compared to the same month a year ago. See now?

Nissan Murano



With a luxurious cabin, roomy seating, easy-to-use technology, and a muscular, yet fuel-efficient V6 engine, the Murano has ranked highly in our midsize SUV due to its combination of quality and value. But great reviews haven’t been enough to save the Murano from a sales slide, as Nissan dealers have sold 13.8 percent fewer models thus far in 2017 compared to the same span in 2016. That sales decline comes even as demand for midsize SUVs is on the rise, with sales up almost 10 percent year over year.


Honda Odyssey



If you’re not set on an SUV, but space and utility are your top priorities, then you should consider a minivan like the this Honda. With its attractive and spacious cabin, long list of family-friendly features, reassuring crash test scores, and lively performance for the segment, the Odyssey is perennially ranked near the top of the class.


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